About the Town

Mount Carmel, incorporated in 1862, was a thriving mining town in the heart of Pennsylvania. Light has shown brightly in this town since Thomas Edison placed one of his first generator plants here and the town became one of the first in the country to have electric streetlights!

Although mining has slowed the town is thriving thanks to local manufacturers and a recent revitalization effort! The Community Center is being built from within the Philips mansion which was bought by the local American Legion in 1929, playing host to generations of weddings and events. This community center will serve as the glue to a revitalizing community, a celebration of every individual’s efforts, and a sign of what’s to come!

Many areas in the mansion have handmade and hand painted tiles with real gold detail added to them.

About The Mansion

Original Blueprints

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The original cost of the mansion when built was under $30,000.

Original Building Contract

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For many years the mansion was owned and used by the American Legion and hosted numerous weddings and events.