The Mount Carmel Area Historical Society

The Historical Society will be housed on the upper floor of the Community Center fostering a mutually beneficial relationship which will see the community Center help inform visitors about the local history of Mount Caramel.

Mount Carmel Downtown, Inc.

Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania is a small town located in the stunning hills of central Pennsylvania. Take a step away from the hustle of every day life and relax in the beautiful natural environment surrounding Mount Carmel. Mount Carmel is a place where you can walk, hike or bike or just kick back and relax in one of the many parks or surrounding attractions.

Bucknell University

Bucknell University is working with the Community Center in a variety of capacities to ensure it’s success and longevity. Groups of students and professors have helped develop this website, and a plan of action, composed of a strategic plan and best practice research for the community center.

We are honored to have the support of the local United Way in developing the Mount Carmel Area Community Center.

We are honored to have the support of the Community Giving Foundation.