Raise the Region Fundraiser

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Cherishing the Mount Carmel Area’s proud Coal Region past while helping to envision and build a better future.

This is the goal of Mount Carmel Area Community Center Inc, the 501c3 organization which is in the process of converting the former American Legion building into a community center to all who live in the Mount Carmel Area School District.

By your support of MCACC through the 2024 RAISE THE REGION campaign, you can help give life to our dream to RAISE the quality of life for present and future generations of people in Mount Carmel Borough, Mount Carmel Township, Kulpmont and Marion Heights.


MCACC is excited about the opportunity to preserve one of the last true community landmarks in Mount Carmel. As a private residence (the Phillips Mansion) and later as the proud headquarters of a veterans organization, this “Grand Old Lady” has played an important role in the town’s architectural, cultural and social history. In an era when most buildings of such major significance have long since gone the way of the wrecking ball, MCACC is transforming this beautiful edifice – still stately but a tad dingy after many decades of use and a few years of un-use – into a modern and beautiful facility that meets the social, educational and cultural needs of people of all ages.

The hall which served for many years as the go-to venue for community and family celebrations and organization gatherings, will fill those needs again once a major facelift, now in progress, is completed. This large auditorium will also provide the space for visual and performing arts programs and well as programs to help youth and strengthen families.

Once the two-phase hall renovations are completed, renovations will be made in the Mansion part of the building – the area that more contained the Legion bar and upstairs offices and storage room. The space will be renovated into organization offices, meeting rooms and a welcome area on the first floor, and upstairs, space for smaller programs and meetings and, most importantly, the headquarters of the Mount Carmel Area Historical Society.

MCACC’s dream is closer to becoming a reality – but we still need to raise more than $3.5 million to fund all renovations and required building upgrades. Please share our faith in the future of the Mount Carmel area and help us bring the project to completion. Please RAISE our hope and bolster our faith in a better future,

It’s really much more than bricks and mortar – what MCACC is striving to build is pride in our community and a sustainable path to enriching the lives of people of all ages.